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Property Insurance News

05/21/2024 03:10 PM
Florida’s Property Insurance Market Shows Signs of Stabilization in 2024
The Florida Office of Insurance Regulation reports a downward trend in property insurance rates for 2024, indicating market stabilization due to recent reforms.

05/21/2024 02:30 PM
Woman Indicted on 51 Fraud Counts Over False Property Ownership Claims
A Georgia woman was indicted on 51 counts of fraud for filing false property claims in Virginia, including Indiantown Park and historic Eyre Hall.

05/21/2024 09:10 AM
Rising Hurricane Risks Predicted for Florida This Year
With the Atlantic hurricane season approaching, experts predict a 75% chance of a major hurricane hitting Florida, potentially leading to $200 billion in insured losses, the highest risk since 1992.

05/20/2024 04:44 PM
Florida’s $3 Billion Insurance Bailout Largely Untouched, Industry Shows Signs of Recovery
Despite a $3 billion fund set aside to stabilize Florida’s property insurance market, most of the money remains unused, though there are modest signs of market improvement amid ongoing high costs and insurer challenges.

05/20/2024 03:51 PM
How Climate Change Will Transform Healthcare Delivery and Payer Strategies
Climate change is set to significantly affect healthcare delivery, increasing utilization and costs while disrupting supply chains. Payers must develop comprehensive strategies to address these challenges and ensure sustainable operations.

05/20/2024 02:29 PM
New Collaboration to Address Supply Chain Risks in Re/Insurance Industry
Gallagher Re and Oxford University partner to analyze supply chain chokepoints impacting the re/insurance sector.

05/20/2024 11:14 AM
Safeguard Against Contractor Fraud During Disaster Recovery
During Contractor Fraud Awareness Week, the Insurance Information Institute and National Insurance Crime Bureau emphasize how homeowners can protect themselves from fraudulent contractors following disasters.

05/17/2024 04:10 PM
Adjusters Share Realities of High-Stress Claims Industry on Reddit
Claims adjusters on Reddit reveal that there are no stress-free positions in the industry, highlighting the pressures and challenges across various types of claims.

05/17/2024 09:34 AM
Houston Power Outages Could Last Weeks After Deadly Hurricane-Force Winds
Power outages in Houston could last for weeks following a destructive storm with hurricane-force winds, leaving thousands without electricity amid soaring temperatures.

05/14/2024 10:30 AM
Springdale Business Sued Over Alleged Insurance Fraud Involving Arson
A Springdale company faces a lawsuit for allegedly setting their own building on fire to claim $700,000 in insurance money.